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  1. thoughts

    Des carnets d'esquisse

  2. Des profils de confiance partout et pour tout ?

  3. tech

    Implementing CORS in Cornice

  4. New year python meme, 2012

  5. Status board

  6. Cheese & code - Wrap-up

  7. diy

    Bière maison !

  8. thoughts

    Motivation, bénévolat et participation

  9. tech

    Cheese & Code party: October 20-21

  10. Circus sprint at PyconFR

  11. thoughts

    Pourquoi Mozilla?

  12. tech

    Refactoring Cornice

  13. thoughts


  14. Bidouille

  15. Djangocong 2012

  16. tech

    Thoughts about a form generation service, GIS enabled

  17. thoughts

    Les dangers du livre numérique

  18. 2012, first months

  19. tech

    Introducing Cornice

  20. thoughts

    Quels usages pour l'informatique ?

  21. tech

    How are you handling your shared expenses?

  22. thoughts

    La simplicité volontaire contre le mythe de l'abondance

  23. tech

    Using dbpedia to get languages influences

  24. Pelican, 9 months later

  25. Using JPype to bridge python and Java

  26. Un coup de main pour mon mémoire!

  27. thoughts

    Travailler moins pour mieux travailler ?

  28. tech

    Analyse users' browsing context to build up a web recommender

  29. Working directly on your server? How to backup and sync your dev environment with unison

  30. Wrap up of the distutils2 paris' sprint

  31. PyPI on CouchDB

  32. Help me to go to the distutils2 paris' sprint

  33. thoughts

    Fork you ! or how the social coding can help you

  34. tech

    How to reboot your bebox using the CLI

  35. Dynamically change your gnome desktop wallpaper

  36. How to install NGINX + PHP 5.3 on FreeBSD.

  37. Pelican, a simple static blog generator in python

  38. An amazing summer of code working on distutils2

  39. Introducing the distutils2 index crawlers

  40. Sprinting on distutils2 in Tours

  41. Use Restructured Text (ReST) to power your presentations

  42. first week working on distutils2

  43. A Distutils2 GSoC

  44. thoughts

    Le temps des grâces, courrez-y !

  45. Semaine de l’environnement: La consommation étudiante

  46. tech

    Python ? go !

  47. thoughts

    AMAP + Média = Paniers bio à 5e ?!