A Distutils2 GSoC


WOW. I've been accepted to be a part of the Google Summer Of Code program, and will work on python distutils2, with a lot of (intersting !) people.

So, it's about building the successor of Distutils2, ie. "the python package manager". Today, there is too many ways to package a python application (pip, setuptools, distribute, distutils, etc.) so there is a huge effort to make in order to make all this packaging stuff interoperable, as pointed out by the PEP 376.

In more details, I'm going to work on the Installer / Uninstaller features of Distutils2, and on a PyPI XML-RPC client for distutils2. Here are the already defined tasks:

  • Implement Distutils2 APIs described in PEP 376.
  • Add the uninstall command.
  • think about a basic installer / uninstaller script. (with deps) -- similar to pip/easy_install
  • in a pypi subpackage;
  • Integrate a module similar to setuptools' package_index'
  • PyPI XML-RPC client for distutils 2: http://bugs.python.org/issue8190

As I'm relatively new to python, I'll need some extra work in order to apply all good practice, among other things that can make a developper-life joyful. I'll post here, each week, my advancement, and my tought about python and especialy python packaging world.