Dynamically change your gnome desktop wallpaper


In gnome, you can can use a XML file to have a dynamic wallpaper. It's not so easy, and you can't just tell: use the pictures in this folder to do so.

You can have a look to the git repository if you want: http://github.com/ametaireau/gnome-background-generator

Some time ago, I've made a little python script to ease that, and you can now use it too. It's named "gnome-background-generator", and you can install it via pip for instance.

``` sourceCode shell $ pip install gnome-background-generator

Then, you have just to use it this way:

``` sourceCode shell
$ gnome-background-generator -p ~/Images/walls -s
/home/alexis/Images/walls/dynamic-wallpaper.xml generated

Here is a extract of the `--help`:

``` sourceCode shell $ gnome-background-generator --help usage: gnome-background-generator [-h] [-p PATH] [-o OUTPUT] [-t TRANSITION_TIME] [-d DISPLAY_TIME] [-s] [-b]

A simple command line tool to generate an XML file to use for gnome wallpapers, to have dynamic walls

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -p PATH, --path PATH Path to look for the pictures. If no output is specified, will be used too for outputing the dynamic- wallpaper.xml file. Default value is the current directory (.) -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT Output filename. If no filename is specified, a dynamic-wallpaper.xml file will be generated in the path containing the pictures. You can also use "-" to display the xml in the stdout. -t TRANSITION_TIME, --transition-time TRANSITION_TIME Time (in seconds) transitions must last (default value is 2 seconds) -d DISPLAY_TIME, --display-time DISPLAY_TIME Time (in seconds) a picture must be displayed. Default value is 900 (15mn) -s, --set-background '''try to set the background using gnome-appearance- properties -b, --debug ```