Wrap up of the distutils2 paris' sprint


Finally, thanks to a bunch of people that helped me to pay my train and bus tickets, I've made it to paris for the distutils2 sprint.

They have been a bit more than 10 people to come during the sprint, and it was very productive. Here's a taste of what we've been working on:

  • the datafiles, a way to specify and to handle the installation of files which are not python-related (pictures, manpages and so on).
  • mkgcfg, a tool to help you to create a setup.cfg in minutes (and with funny examples)
  • converters from setup.py scripts. We do now have a piece of code which reads your current setup.py file and fill in some fields in the setup.cfg for you.
  • a compatibility layer for distutils1, so it can read the setup.cfg you will wrote for distutils2 :-)
  • the uninstaller, so it's now possible to uninstall what have been installed by distutils2 (see PEP 376)
  • the installer, and the setuptools compatibility layer, which will allow you to rely on setuptools' based distributions (and there are plenty of them!)
  • The compilers, so they are more flexible than they were. Since that's an obscure part of the code for distutils2 commiters (it comes directly from the distutils1 ages), having some guys who understood the problematics here was a must.

Some people have also tried to port their packaging from distutils1 to distutils2. They have spotted a number of bugs and made some improvements to the code, to make it more friendly to use.

I'm really pleased to see how newcomers went trough the code, and started hacking so fast. I must say it wasn't the case when we started to work on distutils1 so that's a very good point: people now can hack the code quicker than they could before.

Some of the features here are not completely finished yet, but are on the tubes, and will be ready for a release (hopefully) at the end of the week.

Big thanks to logilab for hosting (and sponsoring my train ticket) and providing us food, and to bearstech for providing some money for breakfast and bears^Wbeers.

Again, a big thanks to all the people who gave me money to pay the transport, I really wasn't expecting such thing to happen :-)