Cheese & Code party: October 20-21

At PyconFR, this week-end, a few ideas were thrown in the air and one of them was to have a /dev/fort doing some python-related coding.

The concept of a /dev/fort is to put a bunch of hackers together and see what comes out from it. Tarek is doing something related with the Afpy Computer Camps at his house each year, I’ve been there twice and it really was a nice experience.

At Djangocong 2012, in Montpellier (south of France), Mathieu Leplatre and myself started to work on a model validation and storage service, named Daybed.

I’ve talked about this project to some persons this week-end (I’ve even done a lightning talk about it) and it gathered some interest from people in the python community, so we thought about sprinting on this.

20 and 21 October - A Computer Camp !

Add to this a few beers, and the sprint turns magically into a camp. We’ll be sprinting at the end of October (the 20 and 21) near Angers, on daybed.

We plan to have great food and wine, so if you feel like it and if you want to come and work on some python-related things, you’re invited!

Although, I can host a limited number of persons, so you’ll need to contact me before :), that’s alexis at notmyidea dot org.

I’ve setup a wiki page to organize a bit everything (knowing how many people will come by will allow me to handle things better), please put information there: