Help me to go to the distutils2 paris’ sprint

Edit: Thanks to logilab and some amazing people, I can make it to paris for the sprint. Many thanks to them for the support!

There will be a distutils2 sprint from the 27th to the 30th of january, thanks to logilab which will host the event.

You can find more informations about the sprint on the wiki page of the event (

I really want to go there but I’m unfortunately blocked in UK for money reasons. The cheapest two ways I’ve found is about £80, which I can’t afford. Following some advices on #distutils, I’ve set up a ChipIn account for that, so if some people want to help me making it to go there, they can give me some money that way.

I’ll probably work on the installer (to support old distutils and setuptools distributions) and on the uninstaller (depending on the first task). If I can’t make it to paris, I’ll hang around on IRC to give some help while needed.

If you want to contribute some money to help me go there, feel free to use this chipin page:

Thanks for your support !