Mozilla, first months

A lot of changes in these last months. First of all, I’ve started to work for Mozilla, on the Services team, where I am working on web services and scalability. Basically, what we are trying to do at services is to provide a way for developers to make web services able to scale out of the box.

Our most visible and known project, so far, is Firefox Sync, which allows to synchronize browsing data (tabs, passwords, history, etc.) among different instances of Firefox. We are also building other things, such as a way to get metrics easily, a web service based queue, etc. Our primary consumers are people inside Mozilla, and we want to help them having a simple way to create, deploy and scale their apps. The project is named “sagrada”, and you can find some more information about it on our public wiki

All of what we do, we do it in the open. So you can have a look at the different pieces of code we wrote and use them / contribute if you want to.

I will not dig in to all the details of what I have been doing, but so far, this have been a pretty amazing experience. Part of this is explainable by the fact that the team is made of amazing folks, all with a strong experience in different topics, so I’m learning things™.

I am currently practicing a bit my C++ to do crypto related things (I may or may not talk about this later on this web-logs) and it’s great (well, it remembers me why I love python for so many things, but it makes me think closer to the metal ;)). I love this job.

Second, I moved to Paris. Yes, Paris. Some of you who know me a bit may find it unexpected, and that’s the case. I’m usually not a big fan of big cities and am a fairly strong defender of having and creating activities in the country side, to face the rural exodus problem, into other thingS.

I didn’t changed my opinion about that. However, I don’t want to start by working remote, especially when working with a remote team. Having offices kind of help me to have a differentiation between my working place and home, which I find to be important.

And, to be honest, I don’t like Paris for unknown reasons: I haven’t been there, so it’s a big over-generalisation to say that it’s not good for me. The reality is that I have no idea of what Paris is, and if I’ll like it or not.

I found a really nice house (yeah, a house!) in Paris and am sharing it with 3 other persons. We have room, all like good food and… they are not geeks, which is a big win for me: work is work and home is home.

So far, Paris had been really nice. A lot of things are going on in here, and I kind of like the way it is possible to find alternative related things in here. I found a CSA, some people interested by agriculture related problems and I like where things seems to be going.

So, new job, new house, new city, things are going forward and that’s great.

Oh, and I will try to post some more technical articles soon, I’m missing them :)