Pelican, 9 months later

Back in October, I released pelican, a little piece of code I wrote to power this weblog. I had simple needs: I wanted to be able to use my text editor of choice (vim), a vcs (mercurial) and restructured text. I started to write a really simple blog engine in something like a hundred python lines and released it on github.

And people started contributing. I wasn’t at all expecting to see people interested in such a little piece of code, but it turned out that they were. I refactored the code to make it evolve a bit more by two times and eventually, in 9 months, got 49 forks, 139 issues and 73 pull requests.

Which is clearly awesome.

I pulled features such as translations, tag clouds, integration with different services such as twitter or piwik, import from dotclear and rss, fixed a number of mistakes and improved a lot the codebase. This was a proof that there is a bunch of people that are willing to make better softwares just for the sake of fun.

Thank you, guys, you’re why I like open source so much.